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Part IV: Demand Generation Readiness

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Section 3: Resources

In Part III, I covered some of the basic assets you’ll need to ensure you have in place for lead and demand generation to be successful. Those assets are:

Section 2: Baseline Marketing Assets

  1. A Decent, Easy to Use Website – Make it Easy to do Business with You
  2. Can You be Found by those Seeking?
  3. Good Optimized Content

Next I will explore, at a minimum, what resources you’ll need to truly pull off a successful program. Those resources include:

Section 3: Resources – Who Will You Need to Help?

  1. Outbound Sales Resource (Market Development Rep (MDR))
  2. Inbound Sales Resource (Market Development Rep (MDR))
  3. Technical Resource and Creative Resource(s)

8. A Resource to Outbound or Prospect

While your inbound programs are getting started and ramped to a manageable volume, you’ll need to do some outbounding to keep the wheels on the sales machine. Ideally, such a resource not only should like “cold calling,” but should also know how to hunt for prospects using social tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You may also develop a list of target companies and individuals to market to directly to recruit as clients (known as Account Based Marketing, or ABM), or perhaps consider buying a prospect list made up of your target audience. This of course requires you to know intimately about your target market, which is the second item of importance after minimum viable product.

9. Resource to Handle Inbound Leads

Aside from having enough product to ship on hand if you’re an e-commerce merchant, B2B consultative products or services need a warm body to respond to inbound inquiries. For the long game, plan for hiring enough business development reps (BDRs), market development reps (MDRs), or sales reps to take or intercept inbound calls or webform leads. Starting out, this may only require one person, and it can be the same outbound resource. It could also be someone already in the company who knows the product, has a knack for sales, and the bandwidth to offer. If not, you’ll need to hire someone to take those calls and respond to web inquiries.

10. Creative & Tech Resource

Do you have a creative resource to create content assets, email templates, landing pages, update the website, create social posts, or write & design ads? If not, you’ll need to learn how, hire, or identify someone already in your company who can support the creative needs of the website and campaign assets. Depending on your website, you may also need to enlist the help of a front-end developer, someone who can turn your designs into HTML, HTML5, Flash, etc. And, because of the ease of use of website tools such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, some visual designers have expanded their skills to include development capabilities for these platforms. The cost will vary depending upon the type of website you have, and how much coding or design work is required.

Thank you for your time! If you need help with your website, I may be able to help. Contact Me or Schedule some time to discuss what you need for your website.


Author: Leslie A. Kuykendall

Versatile results-driven marketer with 20 years' experience in integrated digital marketing and B2B demand generation. Visit http://www.austindigitalmarketer.com to learn more.

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